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Spiders of Eightstar is a tabletop roleplaying game of eight-legged warriors traversing a mystic wetland. 

In the Eightstar Swamp, spiders have learned the secrets of the Sun's Warmth. Empowered by this magic they banded together in spidernests, scattered throughout the seqouias and the cattails. They share food to abate one another's hunger and build structures for safety. For all its magic, the swamp is still a dangerous place. Voracious centipedes, mercenary wasps, and heretical spiders all stalk the bog, willing to devour and destroy. 

For this reason, the Matriarchs founded the hoplites. Taught secret sunspells and trained to defend the spidernests, hoplites venture out into the Eightstar Swamp to aid their fellows. 

Play a herculean tarantula, beloved by all for her exploits; a black widow that puppets the corpses of his last meal with necromantic fungi; a jet-black Eris militaris who launches like lightning between the trees in search of their prey; a rabid wolf spider that runs down her enemies in defense of her home; and more. 

Spiders of Eightstar is a Rooted in Trophy game inspired by Trophy Gold, by Jesse Ross.

Create characters in minutes and set out into the Eightstar swamp with random tables of events, threats, and missions. Wield magic, find unusual solutions, and feed your hunger in this game of an enormous, terrifying world where you are unusual, fearsome, small, and vulnerable. 


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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