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Destroy undead, banish djinn, and subdue sorcerers in this OSR mountain-crawl inspired by the ancient Levant. 

A thousand years ago, the people of this region believed that gods reigned from the Omhanon mountains, sheltered by its mystic cedar forests. Now we know that there is only one god, the Sound, and that the things that walk those crags and woods are merely echoes of its song. 

You are Vagabonds, defenders of those that have been forced to settle in the Omhanon mountain range, driven there by armies and bandits. Here they are safe from the machinations of nations—but at the mercy of things from beyond the mortal realm.  

Armed with steel, the Sound, and the kindness of strangers, you will wander between the settlements seeking to help where you can. Chimeric beasts stalk the wilds, hateful undead prey upon the living, and mischievous djinn abuse the Sound's creation. Worst of all are the sorcerers, humans who seek to bind these forces to their own wicked ends. It is up to you to protect the people of the mountains from these threats.

Cedar and Stone Features

  • Four Scarabs, the sigils of your name which grant you leniencies.
  • Four Roles—Nomad, Knight, Scholar, and Poet—which you will balance to defend the mountain range.
  • Eight Excursions on which the Vagabonds can delve, with horrors and challenges they must face.
  • Rules for generating the Settlements that Vagabonds will encounter on their way.

Cedar and Stone is for 3-5 players, including one Keeper. To play, you need two d20 and two d6. 

Cedar and Stone is a 16-page, zine-sized Sword Dream/OSR game using the Together We Go framework. This work is based on Down We Go (downwego.games), and licensed for our use under CC BY 4.0 International. This product is not associated with Plus One Exp or Apes of Wrath.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Really enjoyed the AP of this with Plus One Exp so I thought I would support it and grab a couple of your other games I don't have.

I miss Heart Points, but I hope you keep putting stuff out there in what ever form works for you!