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This is cute! Mine is a 1-inch tall tiny light with tiny legs that lives in a LEGO bus on my desk. Reminds me of having an imaginary friend when I was little.


Love your game ! thanks


this was really cute and I'm definitely going to try this with my partner, thank you for making this!

PDFs have a ton of overlapping text for some reason? Cannot read them effectively...

My apologies! I can't seem to replicate the issue but I will see what I can do to figure out what's causing it.


Tiny God is an adorable bookmark game about a tiny god that has adopted you as its parent.

The tiny god doesn't understand most of the elements of your life, so you explain them to it.

That's the gameplay, but despite being so simple, it hits hard. Trying explain what a blender is to a being that lives in a rosebush outside your apartment can be hilarious, but if your god asks "why are you sad?" and you just saw something on the news, answering honestly has the very real potential to be heartrending.

In a sense, this is sort of a mindfulness larp, but it's an unbelievably good one, and I'd recommend it to anyone who is okay with dropping their guard a bit around an imaginary creature.


cute! the title was very accurate. reminded me of lower school, it was nice to imagine like that. i like my tiny god very much 


This was really nice! It made me realize that there's an object that I've had on my various desks since childhood, that always came along to a new space. Must be my tiny god's domain!


I LOVE this!


What a pleasant little game. The perfect spoonful of sugar to make me stop and think about my feelings and surroundings.


Lovely little bit! Thanks for making and sharing


I love this! Would it be possible to get a black-and-white foldup version so it's easier to read when I print it?


That's a great idea! I will talk to the layout artist and see if I can get that done--it may not be available soon but I will start looking into it for sure! I might jerry-rig something simple if I can't get a nice printer-friendly version done soon.